Which DC YOU Comic Is Trying Most To Be Like Scott Pilgrim? Batgirl Or Black Canary?

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Three of the DC YOU June Previews are in contention for the “which is the most like Scott Pilgrim” award of the day.

First up is Batgirl, appearing in the back of Convergence: Infinity Inc #2. Because it’s all about games…

imageRetro games even…

image With extra points for adding Gamergate relevance for exploring, briefly, women in the gaming industry.

imageAnd there is Babs Tarr‘s art for added measure. But over at Black Canary, appearing in the back of Convergence: Blue Beetle #2, it’s all about the music.

imageHP Lovecraft music. Which is pretty much in the ballpark, even as Batgirl is having action-related haircare issues.

imageWhile Black Canary counters as they give us “the intro”?

imageOkay, so that’s all well and good, but does it have anything else to challenge Batgirl for the Scott Pilgrim throne?

imageA band poster is a start but…

imageBingo. Assault with an electric guitar that knocks the recipient five stories into the air and onto the roof, quite implausibly, with a sound effect that makes reference to the music press,  putting it right smack back into the Scott Pilgrim groove. Is this a knockout blow? Can Batgirl recover at all?          imageWe have a winner!

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