Secret Wars: X-Men '92 Lies To You (SPOILERS)

Secret Wars: X-Men ’92 Lies To You (SPOILERS)

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X-Men ’92, the Secret Wars spinoff published first as a decampi comic by Marvel Infinite, before moving to print next month, lies to you.

The title does it. X-Men ’92. The year that Jim Lee and Chris Claremont‘s X-Men hit, as well as Liefeld on X-Force, Portacio on Uncanny X-Men, Silvestri on Wolverine and Davis on Excalibur. And it was also the the year in which X-Men: The Animated Series began. And this comic merges those tones together very effectively in the Secret Wars domain of Westchester, home of the Xavier Institute For Gifted Children.

Lots of flash, lots of pouches, lots of silly looking guns (and a plot point that actually makes them make some kind of sense). It’s the nineties X-Men seen in the rear view mirror and a place for fun, shiny, bombast full of sanitised and suggested sex and violence  signifying everything.

x2Also, what could be more nineties than laser tag, from a firm with the year 2000 in its title?

Even Senator Robert Kelly, now Baron of Westchester, is appearing like a good guy in this time of relative mutant/human peace.

x1And look, he’s riding Warwolves.

So what is helping cause this time of peace? Well here is where those lies come in. Because we are introduced to the person responsible for much of these good times – though we don’t yet know the cost.

But it is a lie.

Because the final page reveal changes everything.

x3It’s X-Men ’92 who could it be? The Genegineer of Genosha? Lady Deathstrike? Omega Red? Stryfe?

No… it’s someone a lot… newer.

Deceived! We have been deceived!!!


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