The Witcher 3 Is The Biggest UK Chart Launch Of 2015

Posted by May 26, 2015 Comment


The Witcher 3 has come out and dominated fan and critic opinions as probably the best game of 2015 so far. I’m still early in my campaign, but I can see why everyone else is high on it at the moment. It’s a pretty staggering achievement.

It’s not just the metacritic score the game is rocking though, it’s also dominating the chart.. It’s been revealed that the game is the biggest launch this year dethroning Battlefield Hardline. On top of that, the Witcher 3 increased it’s launch numbers by a staggering 608% when compared to its predecessor The Witcher 2.

As I said, I’m currently making my way through the huge adventure right now. I hope to have some words for you to mull over soon. It really is a striking experience and one everyone should at least have a go at (Even if I’m not sold on all of the content thus far.)

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