Kieron Gillen, On Taking A Break From The Marvel Universe

If there is a new Miss America comic from Marvel, as rumoured, it won't be written by Kieron Gillen, despite his rather fun run with her on Young Avengers.

But the writer of that book, with critically acclaimed runs on Journey Into Mystery, Thor, Iron Man and returning to his work on SWORD with Secret Wars: Siege, won't be returning to the Marvel Universe after Secret Wars – in whatever shape or form it is  Not for some time at least.

At Denver Comic Con yesterday, he talked about needing to "have a break in his Marvel Universe". Not saying "never" in terms of doing more, but feels it's "good way to end this stage of his career",  though it may not turn out that way.

All down to writing Darth Vader, which is two books in one thanks to double shipping, And with his Image Comics work with The Wicked + The Divine, Phonogram and Ludocrats, and at Avatar with Uber, Mercury Heat and Crossed, he is all sorted well into 2016….

IMG_8476Still, he seems happy…


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