British Tabloid Press Divided Over Comic Book Nickname

CFzPQlHWYAAwPCkThe British tabloid press cover the distressing story about a police hunt for a suspected family murderer with the tact, diplomacy and level headedness for which they are famed.

CFzMZx-XIAAgje- Although they don’t seem to concur over which superhero identity they want to give the man, the Mirror reporting,

On his Instagram page 21-year-old Allen has numerous pictures of the Marvel character along with a Wolverine 21st birthday cake.

In one shot he poses with a makeshift version of the character’s iconic, razor-sharp claws and in another from 10 months ago, Allen can be seen showing off a hunting-style knife approximately 10 inches long with the caption ‘today’s purchases’.


His social media account shows a keen interest in comic book characters including the violent vigilante The Punisher, and the Spiderman villain Venom.

CFzOP_NWMAIm9AeYou can read a less lurid version here, though it is still distressing.


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