Old Man Logan To Survive The Secret Wars?

Posted by May 13, 2015 Comment

Old-Man-logan-78523It’s just a rumour. And there is no evidence for it from today’s comic books. But I’m hearing that one of the characters to survive Battleworld, to survive Secret Wars, will be Old Man Logan.

Currently in the Marvel Universe, Wolverine is dead. And shows no sign of returning any time soon.

Could he be replaced in the new Marvel Universe by the elderly, even hardened-bittened future version of himself, as created by Mark Millar and Steve McNiven?

That, at least, is what we are hearing. Old Man Logan is one of the Secret Wars Warzone titles, which Marvel are pushing as building the new Marvel Universe, but this is the first I’ve heard that we might actually get an ongoing series out of it.

What does that mean for the others?

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