Spider-Gwen To Explode At Marvel After Secret Wars

SPIDERGWEN2015001cov-600x926She began as a character suggested by Dan Slott for Spider-Verse. But Spider-Gwen, the parallel universe version of the late Gwen Stacy, the one in her universe bitten by the radioactive spider, and recreated into that universe’s Spider-Woman by Jason Latour and Robbi Rodrgiguez exploded in terms of popularity. Her first appearance in Edge Of Spider-Verse #2 far outshone what was expected to be that series’ break out hit, the Japanese robot version of Spider-Man from My Chemical Romance’s Gerard Way. And Marvel were quick to catch up with that, giving the character her own book.

But that, I understand, is just the start. I have been told that “big things are happening in the Spider-Gwen Universe” in the near future. Because one monthly comic book is, apparntly, nowhere near enough for Spider-Gwen…

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