When Superman Gets Drunk And Naked With Batman – And The Problem With Lois (SPOILERS)


So, John Romita Jr has been given the car keys, the chance to write as well as draw Superman with issue 40, out just before Free Comic Book Day. Spoilers on that below. But first, how does Romita treat the Man Of Steel the first chance he gets to take him out for a spin?


Naked. To be fair, Superman has always been portrayed naked, as have many superheroes, with the colourist adding reds, blues and yellows along the way. Just now with the pinks, they are making it offiical. But this Superman….


… Stays naked. Oh, and can’t fly anymore.SM_40_5

You’ll believe a naked man can… jump. Higher than a tall building though.

Superman #40 (2015) - Page 13

And even though he gets his underwear back on….

Superman #40 (2015) - Page 17

…he loses it as soon as Batman gets involved. Well, we do know they are the love of each others lives… all he needs is the chance to lose his inhibitions.

Superman #40 (2015) - Page 19

Where will that lead? Well, he does wake up alone… aside from am order from McDonalds. Wow, he really must have been drunk.

Superman #40 (2015) - Page 20

Okay. Two minutes to brush your teeth. Superman, how many people can be shot by indiscriminate bullets being shot? You may only be able to leap tall buildings at a single bound now – but I thought you were faster than a speeding bullet! Not that Wonder Woman complained, she was definitely trying to get a look in earlier.

Superman #40 (2015) - Page 17aSorry Wonder Woman, he would have to go out on the lash and wake up alone. Even in the Convergence issues no one believes it….

Convergence - Booster Gold #1 (2015) - Page 11

Rip Hunter is getting on Booster Gold’s case over that in Convergence: Booster Gold. And as for other threats to the Batman/Superman dynamic…

Convergence - Action Comics #1 (2015) - Page 18

In Convergence:Action Comics, Lois Lane is happily married to Lex Luthor

Convergence - Crime Syndicate #1 (2015) - Page 13

And in Convergence: Crime Syndicate, she’s put to death. Still what in our own universe? Is there any hope for Superman and Lois?

Not really. After the conclusion of this week’s Superman… spoiler spoilers spoilers….

Superman #40 (2015) - Page 27

Because this weekend’s Free Comic Book Day will reveal exactly what Lois did next…


Even more spoilers for Free Comic Book Day ahead….

As it doesn’t go that well.

Image (47)

She fesses up too…

Image (68)

You know what I’m going with? Superman is the greatest power on the Earth, and hides in a secret identity, freeing him from any accountability to the mass populace. It’s as if Obama had a secret identity that he could slip into after a day at the White House and go drinking with his mates and the nuclear football. I think Any journalist worth their salt would find that one a front page splash without getting too upset about it…

Today’s comics courtesy of Orbital Comics, London, launching a Music & Comics Gallery on Friday, 12 comic artists have been tasked with taking an album of their choosing, and creating a new piece of cover art for it, with proceeds going to Brain Tumour Research. And on Saturday are running a Free Comic Book Day that they say won’t hand out random grab bags and won’t run out by midday. Londoners know what they are getting at…


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