Just Imagine… DC Comics Killing Off Stan Lee

Three weeks ago, Dan DiDio promised that Convergence as a love letter to the fans. Well maybe not one fan…


This week’s issue of Convergence saw two worlds go to war… the Futures End version of Earth with all the superheroes turned by Brother Eye into killer cyborgs against… which world? Why, the one created by Stan Lee

Convergence #2 (2015) - Page 8He’s literally talking about Stan Lee. Who wrote the Just Imagine Stan Lee Creating series, recreating several DC Comics characters from the ground up,

And what happens to them…



Convergence #2 (2015) - Page 9Oh dear….

Convergence #2 (2015) - Page 9s

Of all the worlds they could choose, they’d have to use the one created by someone most associated with their major competitor…

Love letter or poison pen letter?

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