And Finally… Frank Cho Draws Wonder Woman


Frank Cho is most definitely doing this on purpose now. Can we start making requests for the Manara pose? If so I choose Despair from Sandman.

He posts,

“OMG! Frank Cho drew another comic book character for fun in a pose I don’t like. Somebody call Congress! I am OUTRAGED!!!”

Got a link to an article from another humorless critic who thinks I should leave the comic industry because she doesn’t like what I DRAW at MY LEISURE… (Shakes my head.) Lighten up and enjoy life, people..

Though from Janelle Asselin at Comics Alliance,

You’ll notice that a lot of people who are criticized online for things like this use words like “hypersensitive” and “humorless.” It’s the same language people always use to defend jokes that dehumanize women. There’s the automatic assumption that the people leveling the criticisms are a minority who just aren’t “in” on the fun.

That assumption comes with a lot of baggage, not the least of which is that the majority of people agree with them, whether they say it or not. Everyone wants to think that they have the support of more people than their critics. But is that a safe assumption for anyone? In this era where the comics industry is faced with a great deal of change, the people who make up the majority are probably quite different than they were 10 years ago.



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