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STK671185This is the regular column that hates Convergence. With editor Marie Javins preparing comic books in advance for April, so that all the solicited creators match the actual published creators.

Man, DC’s Gendercrunching is going to look awesome when Tim Hanley gets around to April.

Anyway, that leaves Ch-Ch-Changes without its usual go-to creative upheavals to report.

So we have to look further afield…

The short story by Henry Leo and his father Matt Fraction for Adventure Time #40 has been delayed. Instead, Jake Wyatt will write and draw a story.

The creators for Artifacts: Lost Tales #1 was solicited by Jonny Hinkle & Various and drawn by Demetres Panayides & Various. Well the writer “various” are Francois Soriano and Jonathan Duran and the art “various” are Jean Luis Rincon and Fernando Argosino.

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