Robbi Rodriguez On Frank Cho’s Spider-Gwen

SpiderGwenSketchCoverA few days ago, the artist Frank Cho, known for realistic but sexualised imagery in comic books, and creator of Jungle Girl, posted a parody of the infamous Milo Manara Spider-Woman cover, featuring the Gwen Stacy version of Spider-Woman, Spider-Gwen.

It caused a little discussion at Bleeding Cool Towers. I posted it as a late night, end-of-play “Frank will be Frank” piece, noting that this image was now a repeating meme and had been embedded in comic book culture.

My editor-in-chief, Hannah Means-Shannon, pointed out to me that the Gwen Stacy of the title Spider-Gwen was a teenager, rather than the twenty-something character we had left back in the seventies, something I think I’d failed to pick up on. Which did give the drawing a different flavour, one that The Mary Sue then pointed out.


As did artist and co-creator of the appearance of Spider-Gwen represented in Cho’s drawing, Robbi Rodriguez, who tweeted,

I can understand the sentiment, but violence or threats of violence against artistic works can lead us into dangerous territory.

There’s a Marvel summit this week, but I presume both creators aren’t at it.

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