How The Frozen Graphic Novel Does The Songs….

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This Christmas saw the release of the Frozen graphic novel from Joe Books, where they took screencaps of the movie and transitioned them into a comic book, adapted by Robert Simpson, Erik Burham and Josh Elder. But how would it cope wth the songs?

Having songs performed in comic books is not uncommon. Alan Moore has made a habit of it, with V For Vendetta and The Bojeffries Saga as prime lessons in how it is done. But with the limits of the cinecomic, the adapters went a different way, trying to adapt the songs as literal interpretation of the action and writing new dialogue to match. Which means you do get the clumsy rewriting of a favourite line, as above. What was wrong with “the snow never bothered me anyway”?

Here are a few of your othr favourite songs, and how they get interpreted along the way…

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After all,

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Frozen, The Graphic novel, is available from Joe Books.

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