Speculator Corner – Will Giant Days Have Giant Price Jumps?

STK676277It’s not all about first appearances of characters appearing in movies, you now
BOOM! Box, BOOM! Studios newest imprint, hit gold with Lumberjanes last year. It even got a Bleeing Cool cover, so that’s something. And the release of the first trade last week only seems to be adding fuel to that fire. Their first licensed title, Munchkin, is seeing brisk sales as well, partially (okay, quite a bit)  thanks to the exclusive playable card driving gamers into comic shops.
Much more below the radar BOOM! Box’s latest original series, Giant Days, is showing some signs that it could be the imprint’s latest hit. The series is a coming-of-age dramedy about three young women in their first year at university. It’s created by longtime web comicker, John Allison, whose Bad Machinery collections have been released by Oni Press. It’s an auspicious debut in comic books for Disney animator, Lissa Treiman, as well.
We told you before that the comic had gone to a second print, we’ve now been told that the first issue sold out of over 7,300 copies at the distributor level after a 20% jump at Final Order Cutoff in the first week. I’ve also received word that the first issue has sold on par with Lumberjanes through comiXology and initial order demand for the second printing has been brisk. The first printing is trading oneBay at prices ranging from $5-$10.
Issue #2 will be in stores next week on April 15th and the second printing of #1 is still available…for now. You’ve been suitably tipped off.

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