Wondercon '15 - IDW/DC Crossover With Green Lantern/Star Trek In July, Announced

Wondercon ’15 – IDW/DC Crossover With Green Lantern/Star Trek In July, Announced

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star-trek-green-lantern-01-cover3-francavilla-538bb Announcing at Wondercon 2015, at the IDW: The Best Panel You’ll Ever Attend kicking off just about now, and teased by CBR, IDW are announcing a new DC/DW crossover between Green Lantern and Star Trek.

Launching in July, Star Trek/GReen Lantern: The Spectrum War will be written by Mike Johnson and drawn by Angel Hernández, featuring the entirety of the Green Lanterns Corps allied with the 23rd century Federation, Starfleet and Enterprise who some of the Star Trek bad guys get Green Lantern rings….


Just hope it doesn’t turn out like the unpublished….


They are also announcing a board game version of Powers from IDW Games…

“The first ‘Powers’ game will be a small box game where players will take on the role of investigators hunting down super-powered criminals, or ‘powers.’ In the game, players will be working together to track and hopefully capture a player-controlled super villain before time runs out. The game will feature an array of criminals pulled from the comic series, each with their own special abilities and rules. Throughout the course of play, players will not only have to determine how to catch their prey, but who exactly they’re hunting before they escape into the night for good.”

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