UFOlogy #1 Is Riveting In Both Writing And Artwork

unnamed-12-600x738We should declare this week James Tynion IV week, because along with the release of The Woods #12, we also have the first issue of his new series UFOlogy from BOOM! Studios. Tynion is teaming up with Noah J. Yuenkel and artist Matthew Fox to bring us this awesome sci-fi tale. Just as a brief introduction, UFOlogy focuses on two main characters, Becky Finch and Malcolm Chamber. Both of them want very different things out life, which causes automatic tension. Becky wants a simple life where she can be left alone, while Malcolm wants to experience as much of the universe as he can.

The moment you turn to the first page, will be the moment you are transported to a place that resonates with the feeling that something weird might be lurking around every corner. The cool blue, purple, and mint green colors that Fox swirls around the opening pages gave me chills. Having that quiet backdrop during our first interaction with Becky made for a more dramatic experience. The environment is quiet, but it’s clear her inner self is not. Throughout the issue, I was continually impressed by the amount of information being smoothly woven into the script. Within the first few pages we learn a lot about the personalities of our two main characters, and what makes them tick.

Screen Shot 2015-03-31 at 4.26.52 PMThe sheer concept of it all is incredibly gripping. As I read through the issue, I felt so immersed that it was almost abrupt to turn to the last page and realize that I now had to wait a month to find out what happens next. The writing is that good. I also want to comment on Matthew Fox’s ability to illustrate movement of a character on one page. There were a few instances where I noticed this, and I’ve posted one above and below. I admire that style, training the readers eyes to really pay attention to everything going on around the entire page. Overall, UFOlogy #1 is riveting. I highly recommend picking it up, especially if you tend to wonder what lives beyond the stars in the night sky.

Screen Shot 2015-03-31 at 4.27.06 PMChristine Marie is a Staff Writer at Bleeding Cool, and bibliomaniac with a love for all things creative. She hopes to one day be a Superhero/Disney Princess/Novelist. You can find her on Twitter and Instagram @AWritersWay or on her blog writerchristinemarie.wordpress.com.