Neal Adams Racebends Stan Lee’s Two-Issue Flop, Solarman


It’s an all-bit-forgotten piece of Stan Lee’s back catalogue. Solarman was written by Stan Lee and drawn by Jim Mooney and Mike Zeck, in 1989. Part of a pitch for an animated series starring a new Marvel character, the pilot episode flopped and the series lasted for two issues.

The comic saw wannabe Marvel artist teenager Benjamin Tucker gaining alien technological power, along with a helpful robot called Beepie. Permanent bracelets can transform sunlight into superpowers and a super identity of Solarman.

But because the character wasn’t original to Marvel Comics, and was created by producer David Oliphant ten years previously as an educational comic drawn by Dick Giordano, the comic can now be revived without Marvel Comics.

And with Neal Adams. Fresh from Batman and Wolverine comic books, Adams is looking for something to up his profile, and so Solarman is it.


From Neal Adams and his son Josh Adams, through Deadline Comics for Scout Comics, a new version of Solarman. And, as you can see, the character has a change in ethnic identity.

Not a unique development in comic books, Bleeding Cool nevertheless looks forward to those fans complaining that those two previous issues of Solarman have now been ruined forever as a result.



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