Whatever Happened To Michonne…

While the TV viewers have been getting back into the Michonne habit of later, the comic book readers had been denied. But last week’s issue more than made up for it.

She only joined the cast of the comic book towards the end of the comic’s second year, but made so much of an impression that her first appearance, issue 19, has become more collectable than any issue of the series aside from issue 1.

And since Walking Dead did its time jump, she had been absent with only stray mentions regarding her disappearance. People have been antsy. But sometimes all you need is a foot…

The Walking Dead #139 (2015) - Page 14

And the realisation that what went down between her and Ezekial wasn’t pretty. You know those stories about those rejected in love abandoning the land for the sea? Well…  Michonne was at least looking as strong as ever.

The Walking Dead #139 (2015) - Page 15


It nicely tied into the US publication of the final chapter of the Pirate Jenny comic book Nemo: River Of Souls by Alan Moore and Kevin O’Neill this week

The Walking Dead #139 (2015) - Page 19It’s also a way for Michonne to avoid the dead as well as the living. Just as the TV show has seen her coming to a new understanding of her own nature in that regard, a trip to the sea, one that obsesses your every waking moment, is a literal and figurative manner to wash away memories with the tide….

Walking Dead #139 by Robert Kirkman and Charlie Adlard is available from all good comic shops. And plenty of bad ones as well.


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