Hail Hydra For Secret Wars From Rick Remender, Andrew Robinson, Roland Boschi And Chris Chuckry


Comic Book has been given the word on the Hail Hydra series for Secret Wars from Rick Remender, Andrew Robinson, Roland Boschi and Chris Chuckry

Have you noticed when Marvel PR gives details to comic book media publishers, they remember to mention the artist, but for mainstream press, they often don't?

Anyway, where were we? Oh yes. Hail Hydra. Rick says,

It really was an opportunity just to put a visual on what would happen if Hydra were to win. We've always seen Hydra's attempts at world domination foiled, so this story gives us an opportunity to dig into a world where Hydra was not only never stopped but had insinuated itself into the American system and took over the country hundreds of years ago.In this world, we'll see a New York City where Hyrda was like the Freemasons of history. Hyrda is now the American Dream.

This is a world where Hydra has ingrained its ideology into the fabric of the country, giving us all of the things we're fighting against in the Captain America series.

With Hydra, it's always like, "Oh, but they're not really going to take over the world. They're not really going to win this battle." So, this was an opportunity to show what the world would be like if they had won, and what life would be like for Ian and the other characters in the All-New Captain America series. In this world where they have been born, bred and raised Hydra.

Basically.. Empire? But nice to see them putting The Winter Soldier: The Bitter March back together again…

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