‘My Dog. My Truck. In That Order.’ – Preview Ghost Fleet #6 From Dark Horse

Ghost Fleet by Donny Cates and Daniel Warren Johnson returns for Issue #6 on April 1st as a digital exclusive from Dark Horse, following series like The Resurrectionists and Sundowners into digital single issue format before a print trade. The series is a bold, and certainly high-octane dark fantasy and Johnson’s artwork makes a highly original statement.

STK668366Dark Horse describe Issue #6 thus:

Trace and his new truck-stop friend Bethlehem Bay follow the Saints of Death-the bikers who stole Trace’s volatile truck and innocent dog-to their remote compound . . . but what waits for them there horrifies even a hardened veteran. The gleeful, unstoppable Mickey Reno is a man with a mission!

And here’s our preview of Ghost Fleet #6:


GFLT #6 PG 04 GFLT #6 PG 05 GFLT #6 PG 06 GFLT #6 PG 07 GFLT #6 PG 13As a digital edition, you’ll be able to find Ghost Fleet #6 on Dark Horse Digital here.

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