Will Someone Stop Taking Away Kryptonians’ Powers (SuperSpoilers)

So, as we know, Superman used his new Superflare power in the last issue of his Geoff Johns/John Romita comic. Sorting out Ulysses, but draining his powers in the process. So, for today’s Superman comic, Clark Kent is rather… vulnerable. Even to a little bit of paper.

Image (143)

You know though, if I was Supergirl, I’d be a bit sick of all this. Not only has Superman copied your own superflare power, first exhibited by Supergirl back in the New 52 relaunch…


…but then Superman beats you to your own plotline, from the final page of today’s issue.

Image (160)

She also gets a papercut! Is this the Superman office just not talking to each other. But they aren’t the only Kryptonians to lose their powers today, from Batman/Superman….

Image (159)

Hey! Kryptonians! Stay away from any paper! You know what it can do!

Image (164)Okay, from Earth 2: World’s End, there are probably other threats to consider….

Comics courtesy of Orbital Comics, London. With an Irish Invasion signing and exhibition starting this Saturday, with Nick Roche.


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