Winter Soldier Explains Why Superhero Comics Are Terrible

At the London Super Comic Con this past weekend, Garth Ennis called superhero comics “a waste of talent”, though he was careful to differentiate what he called “superhuman comics”.

Image (146)

Today’s Bucky The Winter Soldier does seem to rather step in line with that. First giving us a splash page of utter superhero destruction, as might occur in an “event”.

And then looking at the process of writing superhero comics, with a little meta deconstruction…

Image (147)

Children with their sandboxes… that would be the comic book creators? Or superhero comic readers?

It’s almost as if Ales Kot doesn’t want to write superhero comics. Shame, because he writes them so well…

Comics courtesy of Orbital Comics, London. With an Irish Invasion signing and exhibition starting this Saturday, with Nick Roche.


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