J Scott Campbell Redesigns Wonder Woman His Way

After the weekend’s Facebook discussion, J Scott Campbell has posted his own take on how he would redesign Wonder Woman.

10616010_10152811588615835_7695654997266477739_nHe writes,

I’ve been informed by many on Twitter that we can’t handle this kind of Wonder Woman any more. Are they right..?

* Different, updated, but still recognizable as the multi-decades-long icon that she is ✓

* Authentic visual connection to her Grecian/Roman Amazonian culture and background ✓

* Americana infused such as the use of Red White And Blue, Eagle and Stars ✓

* Minimal arm protection thus making her abilities to deflect bullets with only the skillfull use of two small bracelets all the more impressive, as it should be! ✓

* Tasteful level of exposed skin to show off womanly athletic form without resorting to cleavage or thong etc… ✓

* Unencumbered shoulder area for easy twirling of lasso ✓

* Color-scheme bright, uplifting, and positive without excessive dark blackened in areas (well, imagine that it would be!) ✓

* Mild resemblance to Cobie Smulders (ok, I added that one in for me! wink emoticon

Forgive the awkward pose. It’s a bit tough putting her into action without covering her costume up. smile emoticon

To the rapturous applause of his readers, J Scott added,

J Scott Campbell Thanks for all the comments guys. Honestly, this is the last thing I had the time for and I hadn’t planned on drawing how I would handle WW. But the scrutiny I was under for my comments I casually mentioned regarding the new WW costume created a bit of a brew-ha-ha all over the internet with my critics attacking me, assuming I would put WW in a bikini and a thong if given the chance. So I guess I felt put in a corner to defend my name.

So… what do you think?


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