Is That Ruby Summers In Secret Wars Future Imperfect?

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Hollywood Reporter ran the PR about the Secret Wars Future Imperfect story, from Peter David and Greg Land, revisiting the classic future-set Hulk story.


They also showed off some art, featuring a blonde red skinned woman. Newsarama seems to think it’s Betty Ross somehow but we know better, we think.

That’s Ruby Summers from David’s X-Factor… The daughter of Scott Summers and Emma Frost.

Cut and paste from the wiki…

Ruby is a mutant with powers similar to her parents. Her powers include:

Optic Blasts: Similar to her father, Ruby can produce and project powerful beams of concussive energy. Unlike her father, Ruby’s beams are black in colour and she has conscious control over her powers meaning she does not require a visor.
Organic Ruby Form: Ruby is capable of turning her skin into a ruby form similar to her mother’s organic diamond form. This transformation can be maintained indefinitely, and prevents visible aging. In this form, she can survive without sustenance.
Invulnerability: This form allows Ruby increased stamina and invulnerability.
Immortality: Because her transformation can be maintained indefinitely, she requires no sustenance and prevents visible aging, Ruby can theoretically live forever. Ruby is chronologically in her 80s, but appears physiologically in her mid-20s because she remained in her ruby form.

Immortality is handy for future set stories…

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