Techland Are Offering A £250,000 House As Part Of Dying Light Bundle

DYINGHoly PR stunts Batman!

Want to go out and buy the most expansive version of Dying Light on the market? Be careful what you wish for. Techland, alongside UK retailer Game are offering a £250,000 edition of the game that comes with it’s own house. If you are feeling lavish, you can pick up the the “My Apocalypse” Collectors Edition soon.

For those interested, dropping a quarter of a million will net you:

The Dying Light “My Apocalypse” Collectors Edition contains:
· Custom built Dying Light Zombie Home by Tiger Log Cabins
· Zombie avoidance parkour lessons with Ampisound, the team behind the internet smash Dying Light Parkour POV video
· Be The Zombie match with devs where you win so you can brag to your friends how “leet” you are
· Trip to Techland in Wroclaw, Poland, to meet the dev team and party with Steve the Zombie Consultant
· Your face skinned onto your Night Hunter character model
· Dying Light branded night vision goggles + adult diapers for the night portions of the game
· x4 signed Steelbox editions of Dying Light
· x2 Top of the line Razer Tiamat headphones
· Human sized Volatile figurine to use as a deterrent on human raiders

You can ‘pre-order’ from February 25th at Game in the UK.

Is there some cool stuff here? Sure. Will anyone ever buy it? Unlikely. This is probably mostly done just to get people talking and writing about the game… which I’m doing right now. So Bravo, Techland.

Hey, wait! This doesn’t even come with a Season Pass!