Take A Ghost Train Ride Through Bloodborne's Gothic Environments

Dark Souls is known for it's intrinsically connected map. If you take all the obstacles out, it's actually a fairly small game world. The environment is so condensed and full of so much bleak personality that those who have played through it a couple of times could probably take a stab at drawing it all out from memory. I know a couple people who have tried and gotten pretty far.

My hope is that that design philosophy for the game's spiritual successor, Bloodborne, carries over. From Software get environments and their upcoming title's gothic decor looks pretty intoxicating. It's one of the reasons I'm excited for the game.

We can take a closer look at that now too thanks to IGN First's coverage of Bloodborne. The site posted this video showing some of the haunting environments in the game.


Tell you what, with that music and these environments, there is something very 'R rated Disney's Haunted Mansion' here. Sadly, I can't say I expect to ever see that particular crossover at Disney World.