The Cosplay Of The Cheltenham True Believers Comic Festival

The Cosplay Of The Cheltenham True Believers Comic Festival

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By Olly MacNamee

For a first time con, The True Believers Comic Festival was a great success and I stayed far longer than I honestly thought I would and eventually ran out of time with so much to see, people to catch-up with and some great panels too (more on the Cosplayer Panel later this week). Still, I made out like a bandit with some great new books that is but a sample of the healthy British independent comic out there to be discovered. It certainly is a brave new world we live in when I consider the variety on offer on Saturday.

A great venue, great organization and a great selection of diverse comic book creators big and small made the day a wonderful experience for all. While I knew that a 600+ advanced ticket sale to boast about would bring the comic book fans young and old, I wasn’t sure whether at such a new con – and against a backdrop that couldn’t have been more rural – that there would be many cosplayers. Oh, but there was.

Here then are a few photos from the day showing the quality on offer, from the more experiences cosplayers to the newbies (the girl who came dressed as Marvel’s Silk had only put her costume together some 3 hours before hand):

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