The Fishnets Are Back – Black Canary By Brenden Fletcher, Annie Wu And Irene Koh – The Batgirling Of DC Comics Starts Here (UPDATE)

As we previously mentioned, internally DC Comics is referring to reinvented books, or new books with a fresh and esoteric quality to the rest of the DC Comics line as “Batgirling” after the successful relaunch of that title with Brenden Fletcher, Cameron Stewart and Babs Tarr. But it also applies to Brenden’s other title, Gotham Academy, as well as books such as Catwoman, Grayson and Gotham By Midnight.

And now Brenden Fletcher is adding Black Canary to that list, writing the new series as part of the June mini-relaunch we’ve been talking about at DC Comics, and being announced at the retailer meeting in Burbank later today. With art from Annie Wu and Irene Koh.

You can read up on the rest of DC’s June mini-relaunch here.


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