Metal Gear Rising 2 May Have Been Teased In PlayStation Sizzle Reel

While I never played it to completion, the blistering pace of Metal Gear Rising always struck me. It was nothing like the slower paced main series that featured Snake, instead focusing on superfast hack and slash action perpetrated by Raiden.

By all accounts it was a great little distraction for the series.

If you were a fan, you could be in luck as a sequel may have been teased at the Taipei Game Show. During a sizzle reel for PlayStation titles, a mysterious ‘2’ flashed onto the screen (Kudos goes to NeoGAF for catching the anomaly). While it had no context, the number was distinctly in Metal Gear Rising‘s typography.

Here is the ‘2’:

metal_gear_rising_2_tease-600x337And here is the Metal Gear Rising title:

metal_gear_rising_reveng_logo-600x337They certainly look cut from the same cloth.

While this could feasibly be anything, but I’m putting my money on this being another in the series. That style is pretty distinct and a sequel to the game feels natural.