Ermac Is The Latest Mortal Kombat X Character To Be Revealed

We already have 13 Mortal Kombat X characters confirmed, and that number is rising. They're coming fast and furiously and I can't imagine it will be long until we have a full roster. Hell, it is less than three months until the full game arrives.

Furthering that cause, a 14th fighter has now made their own debut in the form of Ermac. The character was announced duringĀ a NetherRealm stream on Twitch. It shows off the character in action so check it out if you can.

If you are pushed for time, to stop you fuddling around the entire Twitch broadcast, IGN have posted up the trailer on their Youtube.


I caught one of Ermac's Fatalities where he tore off the head of Sub Zero, shoved it back in his body and then ripped the head out of his abdomen. The creativity of some of these ultra violent kills are as impressive as they are gross. I'm sure theĀ Mortal Kombat hardcore are loving it.