Hot Comics - The Three Hundred Dollar Club - January 2015

Hot Comics – The Three Hundred Dollar Club – January 2015

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$_57 (2)Haven’t done this in a while. Not since May last year. But they always make for an entertaining slice of the collectibles market.

Here are the comics published within the last thirty-odd years that have been burning up the top of the charts and selling over $300. All raw copies, no slabbing here, no variant covers, no artificial collectibility, just the standard books that, if you have them in your collection, could pay your rent for a few months.

And they are…

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #1 $2513 – the film seems to have given this comic new wings, soaring over the traditional topper…

The Walking Dead #1 $1339 – almost halving in value since last year but still well ahead.

Albedo #2, $1050 – the first appearance of Usagi Yojimbo.

Love And Rockets #1 (self published) $921.

Amazing Spider-Man #300 $710 – first Venom, classic Todd McFarlane issue…

Batman Adventures #12 $660 – doubling in value since last year… could this be a contender for the top of the chart in a year’s time? Depends how well Harley Quinn does…

Copra #1 $689 – a new entry, the self published comic book by Michael Fiffe that set the world on fire.

New Mutants #98 – $565 – the first appearance of Deadpool.

The Walking Dead #2 $450 – slipping a little in value but still holding up.

Copra #2 $400 – the second entry of this 2012 self published series. The rest of the series are a little more affordable though. A little.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #1 (2nd print) $400. Even the second prints of his do very well…

Walking Dead #19 $390 – maintaining value for the first Michonne… might a return to the TV series at some point bump this up?

Walking Dead #3 $305 – similar story, a slight softening in value…

Chew #1 – $300. The first of Layman and Guillory’s series hangs in there…

Slipping out of the new chart are Preacher #1 and Preacher Preview, Elseworlds 80 Page Giant. And from previous years, Bone, Vengeance Of Bane, Goon, Son Of Slow Jams and Dreamwalker #0 …

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