Play The Sims 4 For Free Over The Next 48 Hours

Smashing! - via deleted Reddit user.
Smashing! – via deleted Reddit user.

A lot of people had a bit of a downer with The Sims 4. It is not hard to see why either. The game stripped significant portions of content that were available in The Sims 3 with only minor tweaks made in the way sims interact. It wasn’t a great trade off and many loyal fans have been in a tiff every since.

That is why I’m quite surprised EA are putting the game up for free over this weekend. Right now you can download the game without charge as part of the Origin Game Time program and play until Sunday. All saves are carried over in case you want to pick up the game at a later date an not lose progress. I’m surprised The Sims 4¬†was specifically chosen because some players might come to understand the game’s shortcomings with that free time.

Having said that, they could rake in players like me. I actually had a pretty good time with The Sims 4 after spending about 15 hours with it. I hadn’t seriously played a Sims game since the original, so everything more or less felt like an improvement. Why not give it a go regardless? It is free.

Well, if you can get over the hurdle of downloading Origin first.