New Project Cars Trailer Shows Off A Lot Of, Well, Cars

You know what is kind of crazy? I don't think the PlayStation 4 has a successfully launched, realistic car simulator on it yet. Games like Need for Speed: Rivals and The Crew are obviously on the system, but I wouldn't say either is a proper 'car simulator'.

That isĀ insane, because those kinds of games are usually some of the first on a new generation console to showcase new graphical capabilities. See Forza 5 on the Xbox One for a decent example.

Drive Club was meant to be a launch game for the PlayStation 4, but it got pushed back, and when it did finally launch, it was decimated by server issues which still persist to this day. Gran Turismo 6 also surprisingly launched on the PlayStation 3, leaving the PlayStation 4 without a flagship driving sim.

Project Cars looks like it might be the title to finally live up to the genre, even if that game is going to launch on other consoles simultaneously. Here is a new seizure-inducing trailer showing off a multitude of cars in the game.


If this turns out to be half decent, I fully expect it to be big on the PlayStation 4. The game launches on March 20th for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.