This New Trailer For The Order: 1886 Is Creepy As All Hell

If reports are to be believed, the jury is still out on The Order: 1886. The game has got mixed viewings out in public, but it seems newer builds of the game are slowly winning people over. The game uses a mixture of third person shooting interchanged with scripted moments of action to try and create dynamic, cinematic play.

The real question is how much agency will that give the player and will it be compelling enough throughout the whole game? I’m hoping so.

One bit of play that does look compelling though is the setting and tone of the game. Set in a steam punk-ish London during 1886, it follows a group of knights called The Order. There are bad guys, but more strikingly, creepy looking werewolves out to get you.

To show off the horror tones of the game, Ready at Dawn released this trailer yesterday. It has no gameplay or cinematics, but works as a great little mood piece for the game. Kids, nursery rhymes, werewolves and parricide. Lovely.