New 3DS Confirmed For February 13th, 2015



Just a small follow up for yesterday. During Nintendo Direct, the company confirmed the promotional material we saw yesterday. The console will hit on next month on February 13th in the US.

While old 3DS games will work on the console, there will be games that need the New 3DS’s CPU upgrade like Xenoblade Chronicles.

Interestingly, the console now has face tracking to improve your placement when viewing 3D. I appreciate that. I enjoy using the 3D and this makes the experience more robust.

The console also has Amiibo capabilities and Super Smash Brothers will be the first 3DS game to use them when the console arrives. Players will also be able to use Fire Emblem characters in Project S.T.E.A.M if they have those corresponding Amiibos.

And yes, I still feel bad for parents who need to now define between ‘a new Nintendo 3DS and ‘the New Nintendo 3DS’.