When It Feels Like Batgirl Is Talking Right At Me

So I published this story.

Thankfully no one thought to shout “Yeah, but you’ve never heard of Dropbox, have you?” at her, as she walked out…

And I published this one.

Also Barbara? Store important documents in the cloud. A batcloud.

Today’s Batgirl contains this snippet.

Image (62)

A good writer is able to make the reader feel that they are being addressed directly. Well, today Cameron, Brenden, consider that job done.

Oh and we also get the first appearance of the band Ashes On Sunday, as seen on their first cover and in Gotham Academy… Image (63)

Yeah, I’m being stalked.

Comics courtesy of Orbital Comics, London. Currently holding a large ‘outlet store’  sale, with massive discounts, in the gallery.


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