Dylan Dog – The Most Published Comic Book Character Today?

Dylan_DogYesterday, we pointed out that Tex Willer, Italian cowboy character has more pages produced a year than, say, Batman or Spider-Man, with a monthly 100 page comic, and almost fifty creative teams currently working on stories for the character.
But can anyone beat him? Why yes, from the same Italian publisher Sergio Bonelli. Dimeweb has done a fine job at number crunching the publisher’s output in 2014.
They produced 21493 new pages of content this year over 182 books – the equivalent of a thousand US-sized comic books, which is around – or just ahead of – Marvel and DC Comics.
But over ten percent of that – 2500 pages of new content, over 200 pages (or ten US comics) a month, was dedicated to the character of Dylan Dog.
Paranormal investigator extraordinaire, the character has been published in the US by Dark Horse in the past, as well as finding success across Europe, and adapted into two films, the first starring Rupert Everett, the second Brandon Routh.

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