Page Six One Six – Christmas Day 2014 Edition

blindWelcome to Page Six One Six, the occasional blind items column of Bleeding Cool. Stories taken from across the comic book industry, from publisher to publisher, creator to creator, where the names have been changed to protect the guilty. Stories told in the New York sports bars from intern to colourist, to assistant editor… you have been warned.

Which British cartoonist attending a recent convention took it upon himself to re-introduce his preferred pen of choice to an American A-List Big Two comic creator? To the response from his colleagues that he was a) seriously batting out of his league again and b) does that mean his girlfriend is now available? No it does not.

Which comics editor moved from one of the Big Two publishers to the other, only to find that his new job suddenly no longer existed and the previous publisher didn’t want him back?

Which American comics editor with a taste for the British has been plying her luck with the rising British talent? But not to the extent that she’d actually give them any work as a result? She does have a reputation to consider after all.

Which comics executive made a massive clanger in the digital comics sphere trying to look after old friends, and may have lost many creators thousands in lost royalties as a result?

Which comic book creator discovered on the stands a comic book they had partly drawn (and been paid for) but seemingly abandoned was completely redrawn as an entirely different work-for-hire comic book by another artist from the same script?

Here’s the #ComicsGate waiting to happen (journalism rather than misogyny) – which writers draft press releases for Big Two panels at comic conventions – then write the very same panel reports for big comics news websites?

And the other #ComicsGate waiting to happen (misogyny rather than journalism) – which comic creator, who has berated others for their sexist attitudes and action , created a comic strip at college about bedding a fellow student who rejected their advances, then submitted it as coursework, much to the subject’s objections, justifying the inclusion of the work through free speech?

Which Big Two executive with a reputation for harassment (and a human resources file to match) came out as gay (Page Six One Six passim), saw his past behaviour interpreted as overcompensation – but now seems to be straight again?

As ever, the answers are blowing in the wind…

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