The Final Page Of The Most Recent Issue Of Chew Shocked Me To My Core


So,the most recent issue of Chew. The comic has been specialising of late in doing terrible things to characters. Death, dismemberment, drawing people in two, it’s never safe to be a character in Jon Layman and Rob Guillory‘s ongoing comic book.

But there are a few things you could be sure about. That Tony Chu would make it to the end. That some of the many issues raised might be addressed in some vaguely satisfying way. And even when the comic concludes, obviously the creators wouldn’t be so stupid as to deny up a breakout of one of the comic’s more popular character, the genetically modified warrior soldier chicken, Poyo, would get a spinoff.

Yeah about that.

Chew 45-page-021

What he can do? He can fight any army, any foe, a ball of furious poultry armageddon, with spinoff toys, comic, and a whole fanbase ready to support any Poyo product, series, animation, that Layman and Guillory care to come up with and…

chew 45…oh dear.