The Demographic Of The British Comic Book Reader – Male, Leftish, Poor, Guardian Reading, Ford Driving, Aldi Shopper

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The British polling company YouGov has released a whole host of data, as well as a handy data mining app. Which means you can type in comics and discover the kind of person who says they like comics on a survey and discover what else they like.

The stereotype of comic books readers being male holds out here, as is being a bit lefty (despite reading many right wing fantasies) but it has always been assumed that fans are relatively wealthy, having plenty of disposable income to spend on their hobby. That does not appear to be born out. Maybe more publishers should be warned off increasing their price points to $4.99 before something breaks…

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Of course, it doesn’t pick up those who like comics but don’t put it on a form…

Breaking it down further, Judge Dredd readers are richer, more Northern and, ironically, slightly more right wing, Viz Comic readers are much more Northern, left wing and much richer…

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