Iron Man Behaving Like U2 – And Other Signs Of Axis Today

Remember when U2 did that deal with Apple and everyone with iOS suddenly found they had the new U2 album free, permanently on their device, whether they wanted it or not? Especially as, you know, since the device had the album on it, that iTunes decided that you ust like U2 and started offering you other U2 or U2-alike tracks to listen to?

Everyone seemed to think it was a bad idea. Everyone it seems except Tony Stark, in today's Axis #3.

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That's right, an Extremis app on everyone's smart device. That's how the Axis Inversion event has affected Tony Stark – the drinking is merely a sideshow. Nice to see he's simultaneously released a version for iOS and Android though. I wonder if Windows phones got a look in as well? Meanwhile, we get some kind of definition of what has happened to the affected heroes in Axis.

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It's not bad guys becoming good guys, and vice versa, per se, just the internal motivation for action has changed. While over at the X-Men, the remnants of Xavier leaves them…Image (97)

Which also gives us what may become the most iconic scene from Axis… with both Nick Fury and Captain America being rather inappropriate in the moment.

Image (99)


I can feel Tumblr twitching even as I type. Could "My Station" be the next "Hail Hydra"? It doesn't help that a Samuel Jackson Nick Fury also gives me a Django Unchained vibe… it's pretty bad all round.

While over in today's X-Factor, still dealing with the previous worldwide hate, we also get an idea of Quicksilver's upcoming movements.

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And if he doesn't feel that need any more…? Here comes inversion!

Comics courtesy of Orbital Comics, London, proud to announce their first in a line of new programming vents, a directors commentary on the first Southern Bastards collection by Jason Aaron and Jason Latour. Places are rather limited…


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