ABC Used Fan Art Instead Of Official Art On Marvel: 75 Years From Pulp To Pop!

Last night, ABC showed Marvel: 75 Years From Pulp To Pop, a puff piece documentary covering the changing comic book and movie making company.

So there was plenty of artwork from the vaults to show off. Including that of Marc Lapierre.

It’s just that Marc has never worked for Marvel and the art was never meant for Marvel.

When the Iron Man 3 movie came out, Marc created a mock cover based on an image from the movie, added a real Iron Man logo and livery and…


Marc detailed his process here. And then on the show last night, about seven minutes before the end, Marc’s art made a two second appearance.


Presented as a legit piece of official, Marvel approved Iron Man cover art from back in the day to illustrate a point by Kevin Smith.

Marc says he was never contacted about the use of his art .The original was posted with watermarks, all of which have been removed as the art was distressed to look old.

If you like it and you, ABC or Marvel would like to see any more of it, you can find it every week at Superfogeys and  on Facebook. Where you can also see Marc’s response to this discovery,

To be clear, I’m not planning to seek a lawyer. Considering the pantheon of creators who have gone before me and have encountered “less than fair” practices at Marvel, I feel it would be an insult to them for me to cry and moan about my situation. I created this piece using Marvel’s character, aping someone else’s artistic style, using a composition from a Marvel movie poster, and lifting actual logos and trade dress from a real Marvel comic. It was never intended to be anything more than a gag. I have never tried to sell any prints of it. I have never included it in a portfolio of any kind. The fact that a simple image a slapped together in a couple of hours has blown up to this level is mostly just an amusing and surreal moment in my life.

That being said, if someone of power and influence were to take notice of this and offer me a shot at a pin up or cover gig, I wouldn’t mind.

Thanks to Brock Heasley.

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