Ten Page Preview Of Gotham By Midnight #1 by Ray Fawkes And Ben Templesmith


Today is the last day that retailers can increase orders for the first issue of DC Comics’ Gotham Midnight.

Retailers were sent the below preview of the first half to show to customers (heavy on the watermark). If you ant to read it without, then wait to November 26th. But if you want a little incentive to make that pre-order, then dig in.

GOTH_MID_p1_10-0 GOTH_MID_p1_10-1 GOTH_MID_p1_10-2 GOTH_MID_p1_10-3 GOTH_MID_p1_10-4 GOTH_MID_p1_10-5 GOTH_MID_p1_10-6 GOTH_MID_p1_10-7 GOTH_MID_p1_10-8 GOTH_MID_p1_10-9

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