The Art Of Cooking With Michelle, Mia And Chloe

The Art Of Cooking With Michelle, Mia And Chloe

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Liz Brizzi writes for Bleeding Cool:

The Art of Cooking with Michelle, Chloe and Mia, is a comic book… well, not really… It’s a cook book… It’s a COMIC COOK BOOK!

Book-cover-final-smThat’s right… My friends Michelle, Chloe and Mia want to show you how to make 30 delicious family recipes, and we hope you’ll join us in creating a one of a kind, never before seen, extremely cute, and very innovative cook book. Definitely not your grandmother’s cook book.

My name is Liz. I’m a fine artist but my very first love is to draw comics. I also LOVE food. See, I’m French-Italian, and that automatically makes me a foodie. So when I first thought of bringing food and comics together, I thought “Fuggetaboutit! I must make zis happen!”.

all-artSo I tried to go the classic, traditional route; I created the characters, some of the art, a book cover, and contacted a bunch of publishers. Everyone loved the art and the idea… but no one wanted to take a chance. They were all scared of mixing two genres… They were not sure in which part of their catalogue to fit it in… blah blah blah…

But I didn’t get discouraged. Lots of people believe in the idea and want to see it get made. So now I’m trying to self publish. As a freelance artist, I have the time to create it. What I need are the funds… And so… hello Kickstarter!

Art-page-2-no-textNow I need all the help I can get. We are 20% funded in just 6 days. We’ve got 3 weeks to go but the word about it needs to get out beyond my facebook friends’ home pages. And this is where you guys come in.

If this project gets funded and is the success I hope it will be, I hope to create a series of comic cook books with more cute and fun characters from all over the world, teaching different ethnic cuisines featuring family recipes from all over the world.

Screen shot 2014-10-27 at 2.58.26 PMWhether you are a beginner or an experienced cook, this book is guaranteed to offer a new spin on the same old same old list of ingredients and tedious instructions, making cooking a lot more fun as you follow our protagonists each step of the way.

Get it for yourself, for your kids or for anyone who loves comics and food! “the Art of Cooking” is a fun, innovative way to learn new staple recipes, cook with your kids, and bring the family together. Plus it makes a great gift for youngsters, and will open their minds to both art and food culture!

Screen shot 2014-10-27 at 4.10.28 PMI am featuring a special reward for the Bleeding Cool readers! Pick the $25 or the $40 reward, and I will draw a comic book version of you on the inside cover of the book with special thanks! Send me a message after you pledge, letting me know you saw this on Bleeding Cool, and attach a clear picture of you that you like! This special reward will run until Monday Nov 3rd at 11:59pm! So act fast! I’m reaaaally good at turning people into comic book characters… I swear!

Merci and bon appétit!

Liz, Michelle, Chloe and Mia

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