Stan Lee’s Comikaze Is Back For Fourth Year – And It Comes With Cosplay

By Michele Brittany, West Coast Bleeding Cool Correspondent

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Founder and CCO Regina Carpinelli, Stan Lee, and Elvira’s Cassandra Peterson are back with Comikaze at the Los Angeles Convention Center this weekend. After breezing through badge registration and having a little wait in line, I was pleased that the doors opened promptly at 1 PM. For opening on time, fans were so anxious to get onto the show floor that some of the barrier fences were knocked down. Fortunately, it was the only time that it felt crowded because the rest of the day, it didn’t feel that packed.

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Back again this year is Stan Lee’s Mega Museum, The Spooky World of Elvira, and the Video Game History Museum. Being in Los Angeles, of course there are nods to Hollywood with the Hollywood Sci-Fi Museum, VGP FX, and Section 9 Entertainment, which displayed a line up of pop culture superhero icons from cinema. This year there are sections for toys and games, anime, fantasy and Sci-Fi, comic book vendors as well as the artist alley and small press areas.

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Since it was lighter day in terms of attendance, I was able to walk around with ease. I noticed that many of those attendees dressing up were non-professional, yet their costumes were creative, fun, and varied. And, I was seeing variety to the art and comic books in the artist alley and small press area.

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After a couple of hours, I took in a couple of panels: YouTubing Like A Boss! and naturally, The Battle of the Bonds…James Bond. A glance at the panel schedule for today seemed light, but I think that was because panels did not start until a couple of hours after the con opened. Tomorrow and Sunday will be a different story! Between panels and all the activities planned for the main stage on the floor room, there will be plenty for attendees to enjoy.

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Comikaze continues Saturday and Sunday, with doors opening at 9 AM both days. Single day passes cost $30.

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Michele Brittany is an independent popular culture scholar and semi-professional photographer and editor of the forthcoming title James Bond and Popular Culture: Essays on the Influence of the Fictional Superspy (McFarland & Company). She regularly posts reviews and analysis on the spy/espionage genre on her blog, Spyfi & Superspies and can be followed at Twitter @mcbrittany2014.

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