Original Art For Amazing Spider-Man #300 Cover Up For Auction – Could It Sell For A Quarter Of A Million?

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Clicky for biggy. But that is the original artwork to Amazing Spider-Man #1 by Todd McFarlane on the blocks at Heritage Auctions. And they esitaimet it could sell for a quarter of a million.

Though oddly the auction house states,

Todd McFarlane’s iconic Spider-Man image, featuring the only cover appearance of the web-slinger sporting the black Venom symbiote suit, offered at Heritage Auctions Beverly Hills, Nov. 21, 2014

Which is, not true, he wore the symbiote  suit on the cover plenty of times. It is however the first full issue appearance of Venom, the character that the suit became when it merged with Eddie Brock, so maybe that god mangled a little.

But it is an utterly iconic cover image to a much sought-after comic book. And it hits the blocks at Heritage on November 21st,

So, who is feeling rich? It currently has a bid of $101,000…


Noah Fleisher, Public Relations Director

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