Becoming A Bee At MCM London Comic Con 2014


The Island Of Doctor Geof is a favourite stop at the MCM London Comic Con for me, since they went all mahogany. Steampunk isn't exactly new at such gatherings, but this is steampunk with a very silly flavour,  emphasis on tea making, cross dressing and insect husbandry.


And this show's new offering concentrates on the lifespan and mathematical significance of bees.



Not only that but you can get yourself drawn as a bee in the publication itself, to celebrate the occasion. I think I look bee-utiful!


Here's a look at the stall in detail. If you are at the show, or at future shows, do pop by, it really is a treat!

IMG_20141024_153528445IMG_20141024_153606591 IMG_20141024_153610214 IMG_20141024_153614041 IMG_20141024_153617643 IMG_20141024_153622380 IMG_20141024_153628207IMG_20141026_112407388[1]

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