A Cartoonist At The Guido Fawkes Tenth Anniversary Party #GF10

The other night I went to a tenth anniversary awards do/party for the Guido Fawkes blog. I'm their Monday Morning cartoonist. Which means most Sunday nights I can be found poring over the political reports of the day looking for something I can be scabrous about, before sending in ideas to the big boys. And occasionally tracing the odd member's member.

And it was a great opportunity to, well, meet some of the folks I've drawn. Everyone seemed to have a favourite cartoon. And I was able to start a few sketches for future reference…


The evening was a wonderfully satirical stab at the establishment Рand the site itself for joining it. The Daily Politics show on the BBC two days later ran a piece. And as friends watching the bit texted me, they felt it was like playing "Where's Richie" РI seemed to keep popping up in the background. Feel free to join in the game.


And you can see the full awards presentation and introductory speech by London Mayor Boris Johnson here. I thought it was absolutely marvellous.



As to the guest list, the Telegraph's Peter Oborne (and he really need a new byline photo) wrote about grabbing the seating list from outside and publishing it afterwards. Only thing is, Oborne didn't get all of pages. I used a camera instead… here's his missing page.


Oh and I managed to grab a selfie of myself with Queen of Selfies and winner of Social Media Hero, councillor¬†Karen Danczuk….



And Boris' full speech was marvellous.


Marvel Comics reps once called me a terrorist, but one they felt they had to talk to. I felt the empathy that night…



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