Can Cosplayers *Really* Pose Like Milo Manara’s Spider-Woman?

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So there was that Milo Manara Spider-Woman #1 cover. Remember? The comic isn’t even published but the solicitation seemed a millennia ago. We first ran an article entitled “The Cover That Will Launch A Thousand Headlines” which wan’t as much an exaggeration as we first thought. And while arguments regarding the appropriateness of the cover to the launch, to the character, to the position the book had, announced at the Women of Marvel panel at San Diego Comic Con, held water for me, arguments of the anatomical possibility of the cover struck me as slightly leaky.

And some cosplayers want to prove that. By recreating that pose. So how did they do?

141005cdt2Ivy Cosplayer from Puerto Rica, taken by MC Illusion, did pretty well, though its possible there was some retouching there, it’s mostly in the background. The pose doesn’t look unnatural.


From io9, though the raised head on the left needed a cut and paste job.


And Shelle-Chi’s cosplay from ArtisticCurves, okay yeah, that needed some serious digital alteration. But you can see the originals here

As one cosplayer posed naked, covered in paint, to get the full effect.

But until then, here are more pages from Milo Manara’s upcoming La Caravage

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