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By Ale Bodden and Ray Flook

10 years of new who panel
UPDATE: Andre Tessier writes,

First and foremost. Let me say that I was misquoted. The discussion was that Big Finish does not have the rights to the New Who Doctors. We all know that David Tennant is a huge lover of Big Finish. In fact he has done work as characters other then the Doctor(for the aforementioned reason). The question was put forth Do you think that Eccelston would come back as the Doctor to Big Finish if they got the rights? That was all. I was misquoted. There is no way I would have said the quote that was attributed to me without hearing it from Big Finish. By that I mean from the Big Finish website. I do not like to float rumours no entertain idle gossip like that. I am a firm believer in believing in news when I hear it from a reputable site. In other words in the case of Doctor Who I do believe it until the BBC tells me so. Sorry for the error even though it was not mine.

The original article appears below.

Host Andre Tessier (LI Who and TARDIS Tavern) was joined on the NYCC stage by Ken Deep (host of Doctor Who an Occasional Podcast), Barnaby Edwards (President of Doctor Who New York), Nick Abadzis (writer for Titan Comics 10th Doctor), Deborah Stanish (podcast host and author), Graeme Burk (author), Caroline Symcox (author for Big Finish), and late arrival by Simon Fraser (Titan Comics artist 11th Doctor). They all gathered together for an interesting discussion of the show we all love: Doctor Who, looking back to the past ten years after the show came back up from the 9th Doctor on.

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It opened with the question: where were you when you heard Doctor Who was coming back? Abadzis says he heard about it and deemed it a rumor. Stanish quickly responded she was still mourning the end of Buffy; she started watching it in June 2005 right after the regeneration of the 9th Doctor, Chris Eccleston. Burk added he first heard about it on the internet and he kept staring at it in disbelief. However, Symcox cheated: you know… being married to one of the 1st season writers she had known about it thanks to him.

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Right after they jumped to the subject of the 9th Doctor (Eccleston), discussing if some thought he had become the forgotten Doctor… Spoiler: he is not! They argued whether the Doctors 9 through 12 should be featured on Big Finish and if social media would continually spoil future episodes of the show or if BBC has learned from it—to which Stanish replied that they seem to try really hard, but the thing with social media is: something is always bound to come out. However, Edwards said that the surprises, for the most part, have been kept under wraps, and Deep added that what seems to come out are mostly teases and spoilers, not the real thing. Burk added that, as a whole, the Doctor Who fans seem to have respect for each other since there are not many plot leaks as of late; he said it is something we should, all, be thankful and proud about.

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Edwards brought to everyone’s attention that there as many stories on the new Who as there are in the classic, he said he goes to sleep counting Doctor Who stories.

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Tessier announced that Big Finish will be bringing the 9th Doctor and creating new adventures with him. Stanish said that bringing on the 9th will cause a black hole of awesomeness and Burk called it “one of those little miracles” that come together. Deep added that he first came to Big Finish because it was a way of hearing more of Paul McGann and knowing more about the 8th Doctor. Symcox said that what she loves about Big Finish is how every Doctor has his own voice, each recognizable and offers a different character.

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They quickly jumped to the subject of comic books and what it is like to not only have the show and Big Finish, but a new gateway to see more of the Doctor. Burk quickly jumped in saying that the new Titan comic book for the 10th Doctor is what he always wanted a comic book to be in a very long time. Tessier asked Abadzis what is it like writing the 10th Doctor; to which Abadzis replied he has a 10th Doctor action figure on his desk and he talks to him, and in his head he hears the voice of the Doctor replying back to him and that is what makes him write.

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Tessier then asked, if they would recommend a specific episode for someone who has never watched the show, what episode would it be? Symcox said she would go for Blink, Fraser quickly added Silence in the Library and Girl on the Fireplace to the list. Burk interrupted saying: “Any damned place you want, it’s Doctor Who– it’s the genius of the show, you can start anywhere.” Stanish disagreed, she said she would recommend people to start from the beginning, saying Rose was the perfect way to start it and introduce a whole new generation to a great mythology.

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After, they took questions from the audience. Someone asked them what their reaction toward the casting of the 12th Doctor (Peter Capaldi) was and what their opinion on him is. They all agreed that Capaldi has been genius on his performance so far. Symcox said she doesn’t quite like the Doctor as much, but she has enjoyed the new season very much. Fraser said he likes him because no one knows what will he do next, that he brings a sense of risk with him. Stanish added that what seems to be the problem this time is that the mystery is not the companion this time around, but the Doctor himself, how it should be. Though, Burk added one word: Gravitas.

They were also asked which part or regeneration has affected them the most: Symcox responded the regeneration from the 5th Doctor (Peter Davison) to the 6th (Colin Baker). Burk said it was the ending of “Time of the Doctor,” adding that the speech got him all teary. Fraser said what did it for him was seeing the 4th Doctor (Tom Baker) lying on the floor.

All in all it was a fantastic panel, bringing together all fans of Doctor Who– sharing what makes us, all, tick, discussing what we like the most, and just rambling about our favorite parts, companions, Doctors, and villains.

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